Color corrector, 2x100ml

Color corrector designed for delicate removal of artificial pigment from hair. Pickles by 1-2 shades with full preservation of the natural pigment. Does not change the natural pigment of the hair. Does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

Application: mix compositions 1 and 2 strictly on scales in equal proportions. Apply on hair. Holding time is 15-20 minutes (10 minutes - with additional heat). Rinse thoroughly with a peeling shampoo pH 7.0. Apply developer factor 10 vol. (3%) on one strand, to check if all artificial pigments are removed. If color appears again, repeat the application of compositions 1 and 2 to washed and dried hair. The recommended number of washings per day is 1-2. If satisfied with the result, rinse off the developer. Dry the hair. Proceed to dyeing. The depth of shade of the chosen dye along the length of the hair should be 1-2 shades lighter than desired using the oxidizing emulsion 30 vol. (9%).


Product type: For professional use

Hair and scalp type: Sensitive scalp