Toning mask, 300ml



The gentle toning mask enhances the tone of colored hair and maintains richness of the tone for several weeks. The pigment penetrates the hair cuticle, covers the hair texture evenly and renders the subtle tones of the color. Both natural light shades of hair and bleached hair can be toned.
The MATISSE COLOR mask improves the hair structure as it combines the qualities of a soft hair dye and a balm protecting the color.

The nourishing agents of the toning mask revitalizes your hair and give it a shine and vibrant color, ensuring its great look.

This mask is perfect for burnt and uncolored blonde hair. MATISSE toning masks can be used with blonde shades starting from depths 8, 9 and 10 and with dark shades starting from depths 6, 7 and 8.


Apply the mask to washed, towel-dried hair (use disposable gloves). Leave the mask for 5-20 minutes de- pending on the coloring intensity you need, then rinse thoroughly with water.


Product type: Toning mask

Hair and scalp type: Colored and bleached hair