Mask for colored hair with acai berry extract, 500ml

The mask gives the hair a fine look, making it soft and shiny after the very first application. The formula with Arlasilk™ PLN and acai berry extract creates an invisible protective film on the hair, which permanently preserves the color of dyed hair and prevents exposure to negative external factors. Regular use restores hair elasticity, silkiness and specular gloss.

How to use:
Apply to previously shampooed hair, carefully spread over the entire length, leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water. Additional heat is recommended.

Active ingredients:
  • Arlasilk™ PLN are phospholipids obtained from wild saffron oil rich in linoleic acid. They moisturize hair and scalp, make combing easier, provide color protection for dyed hair and have a long-term antistatic effect.
  • Acai extract is an antioxidant that protects the artificial pigment from free radicals and enhances color fastness.
  • Wheat protein saturates hair fiber, making hair elastic and soft.
  • Nalidone maintains the optimum moisture level.


Product type: Mask

Hair and scalp type: Colored and bleached hair