Brilliance repair gel, 250ml

Repair gel contains special warming components. It increases the supply of nutrients and promotes the opening of the hair cuticle scales. The structure of the hair is filled with hydrolyzed keratin, which increases the strength of the hair and covers its surface, strengthening the cuticle and enhancing smoothness.

How to use: 
Squeeze the Repair Gel into a bowl based on the length and density of the hair. Use hand gloves. Start application from the lower occipital area, separating strand of 2 cm in thickness. Apply with brush on the hair, evenly distribute over the entire hair length. Proceed to the next strand. Protect the edge of the hairline with a cotton band. Excluding the application of regenerating gel on the skin. Put a plastic cap on head. Keep under heat (hood dryer) for 10 minutes or without heat for 20 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly with warm water. Remove moisture from the hair with a towel. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to use with Brilliance Repair Maximum Shampoo.


Product type: For professional use