Bio complex Oxymoron, 2x250ml

Thanks to an innovative combination of two products and unique active ingredients, Oxymoron complex deeply penetrates into the hair structure and repairs its natural beauty! Echinacea extract stimulates cellular metabolism, and Hydroxan CH will give your hair softness, volume and splendour of the repaired hair gloss. Jojoba oil and provitamin B5 will give it the unique density and moisture, as well as protection while styling with hairdryer.

Application: mix in a bowl components No. 1 cream and No. 2 gel in a ratio 1:1 using scale. Fluff up the ingredients with a brush until soft pink foam appears. Apply foam and evenly apply it along the length on hair pre-washed with shampoo. Holding time on the hair - 5 minutes. It is recommended to use additional heat. Rinse out with water.


Product type: For professional use