Smoothing cream with keratin, 250ml

Smoothes unruly hair perfectly, keeping the result up to 3 months. Thanks to the creamy base it is easily distributed through the hair, removes excess volume. Gently and gently smoothes hair, restores natural shine and silkiness, protects from exposure to high temperatures. Suitable for all types of curly hair.

Ingredients: hydrolyzed keratin, glyoxylic acid.

Application: evenly apply on the blow dried hair with a brush, 1 cm from the root zone. To protect your hands, use rubber (silicone or latex) gloves. Hold for 35 minutes and start drying using blow drier (a combination of cold and warm air). Use forceps with ceramic coating (temperature of 200 °С), ironing each strand with iron 5-7 times and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.


Product type: For professional use