Mirror hair mask, 200ml

The polishing mask has a comprehensive effect on unruly, rigid and dry hair, providing necessary care. The active components of the mask smooth the hair from the very first time, making them glossy and shiny. Regular use helps restore damaged hair, increase its strength and elasticity. The VibraRiche™ complex maintains the brightness and color stability of dyed hair. As a result, you get stronger, more manageable and silky hair, whose perfectly smooth surface reflects light and creates extra shine.

How to use: apply to clean wet hair, spread over the entire hair length. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Additional heat enhances the effect of the mask.


Product type: Mask

Hair and scalp type: Dry and fragile hair

Hair and scalp type: Colored and bleached hair

Hair and scalp type: Damaged hair